Are you Seeking Happily Ever After?


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Whether your are single or a couple, we have programs for you!

If you are Single, our CONSCIOUS DATING programs can help you have the life and relationship that you want by showing you how to make intentional conscious choices.


  1. Being clear about who you are and what you want.
  2. Realizing that “you don’t know what you don’t know” and learning the information, skills and attitudes necessary to be successful.
  3. Making your life and relationship choices in alignment with what you want, mindful of long-term consequences of your choices.

Finding the love of your life in today’s world means being the pioneer of your destiny. When it comes to relationships there are no guarantees or predictable outcomes, despite romantic promises and fantasies.

If you learn to be a conscious dater you can find your life partner efficiently and effectively. However, the quickest route to happiness is not necessarily the best route. You need a road map to avoid mirages, dead ends, potholes and swamps so that you are able to go where you genuinely want and need to be.

A Conscious Dating Coach and Mentor will help you plan your journey and make sure you stay on the right path so that YOU can Live the Life that you Love with the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

If you are a Couple,

Couples Coaching focuses on opening up possibilities for those interested in such things as…

  • Creating a common vision
  • Developing a team approach to the future
  • Building agreements and clarifying values
  • Leveraging what is working in the relationship in order to work on areas that are not working
  •  Expand, create, and re-build the all important trust quotient  
  • Compiling a practical tool bag of self-coaching best practices
  • Rekindling romance, fun and mutually satisfying intimacy.